Leo de Freyne

Art and Literature


Twenty-Nine Works Selected From Jan-June 2013:



Carnations, 40x50cms, watercolour and pencil on paper:





A Leaf And A Piece Of A Tree, 40x50cms, watercolour and watercolour-pencils on paper:





Abode, 80x80cms, gesso and acrylic on canvas:





Apple Blossom, 40x50cms, acrylic and pencils on paper:





Bits Of A Broken Branch, 40x50cms, watercolour and pencils on paper:





Candle And Moon, 40x50cms, acrylic and collage on paper:





Black Flowers, 50x40cms, acrylic on paper:





Far Ago, 80x80cms, acrylic on canvas:





Bouquet, 50x40cms, watercolour and watercolour-pencils on paper:





Corner Of The Garden, 40x50cms, charcoal on paper:





Daffodils, 50x40cms, watercolour on paper:





Daffodoodle, 50x40cms, acrylic on paper:






 A Painting, 80x80cms, acrylic on canvas:





Iris, 50x40cms, watercolour on paper:





Idyll, 100x150x4cms, acrylic on canvas:





Member Of The Audience, 50x40cms, charcoal on paper:





Petalworld, 40x50cms, watercolour on paper:






Middle Game, 40x50cms, charcoal and gouache on paper:





Primrose, 50x40cms, watercolour on paper:





This, 80x80cms, acrylic on canvas:





Midsummer, 40x50cms, charcoal, gouache and acrylic on paper:





No Signature, 40x50cms, watercolour, gouache and ink-pencil on paper:





Summer Girl, 50x40cms, charcoal, gouache and acrylic on paper:





Swallow, 40x50cms, charcoal on paper:





Winter Teasel, 50x40cms, watercolour, charcoal, gouache and pencils on paper:





Then Again, 80x80cms, acrylic on canvas:





Tulip, Cowslip, Primrose, 50x40cms, watercolour and acrylic on paper:





The First Movement Of Ravel's Piano Concerto In G Major (Allegremente), 40x50cms, acrylic on paper:





Yellow Poppies, 50x40cms, watercolour on paper:





Thank you.